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Stations & Facilities

Station 93

The original Station was built in 1947.  In May of 2006, the Station was relocated to a new facility located at 1400 W. Durham Ferry Road. Station 93 houses a 2000 American LaFrance truck, 2015 Hi-Tech Spartan Pumper, and is staffed with three personnel.

May contain: grass, plant, and lawn

Station 94 

The original station was built in the late 1940’s. In 1995, the station was moved to its current location at 16502 W. Schulte Road near the Prologis International Park of Commerce.  The station houses a 2003 Pierce/Saber type 1 pumper ALS unit, 2020 Pierce Arrow XT Velocity Pumper, and a 2016 HME type 3 engine staffed with three personnel. 

May contain: grass, plant, tarmac, asphalt, urban, suburb, and building

Station 95

Station 95's grand opening was September 1, 2021.  This station is located at 7151 Tracy Hills Drive. This station is furnished with the latest technology and equipment to provide the best fire service. This station houses a 2020 Pierce Arrow XT Velocity Pumper, 2017 HME/International Type 3 Brush Unit and is staffed with three personnel. 

May contain: housing, building, villa, house, and mansion


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