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How do I obtain a burn permit?

In order to conduct a legal open burn, you need to obtain a burn permit from South San Joaquin County Fire Authority.

Some additional Emergency Contact Information Number:

Life-Threatening Emergency: 9-1-1

Poison Control Center: (800) 222-1222

American Red Cross: (888) 443-5722

Do you install child safety seats?

South County Fire Authority’s certified Technicians will inspect your child’s Car Seat and help ensure your children are buckled in safely. We will do it for FREE, by appointment. It’s a service called South County Fire Authority C.A.R.E.S.

We want to make sure that your children are safe because we care. Even the best-informed parents make mistakes with car seats. Children are in the wrong seats for their size, they are in recalled or damaged seats, the seats are not properly secured to the vehicle, or even worse, they are not restrained at all.

For a FREE car seat inspection, call (209) 831-6700 for an appointment.