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Board Meetings

The Tracy Rural Fire Protection District Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the fire administration building located at 835 N. Central Avenue, Tracy, California 95736, second floor. Minutes are included in the following month’s agenda packet.

Regular Board meetings usually begin at 4:00 p.m., however, meeting times and locations are subject to change or cancellation. Change notifications and Agendas are released for Board Meetings as required by law, generally 24-72 hours in advance of the meeting time on this website’s front page, except in the case of an Emergency Meeting.

Per the California Ralph M. Brown Act, special and emergency meetings require a minimum waiting period of advanced notice before Call to Order is made. Special and Emergency Meetings are held at the specified in the announcement notice. Both types of meetings will be announced on this website as time permits.

Special Meetings may be called at any time for any reason.  A Special Meeting requires twenty-four (24) hours of advanced notice.  

Emergency meetings require one (1) hour of notice. An Emergency Meeting is not called unless it meets the criteria specified in Government Code Section 54956.5.  In the event that power, phone and other utilities are down, the Board of Directors will waive requirements to notify the public of an Emergency Meeting and report publicly after the meeting is finished.

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